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Urban Wild Acres Conservation Areas

Great Rivers is preparing to partner with the Missouri Department of Conservation on the implementation of components of the Urban Wild Acres of St. Louis - 10 year management plan.  

 The first step will be a hike/tour led by Erin Shank (MDC) of the August G. Beckemeier Conservation Area located in Chesterfield off Olive St. on Monday, December 16 at 9am.  After we finish we will discuss making plans for the area's habitat restoration and/or management. Public input and planning is still occurring regarding the Urban Wild Acres of the St. Louis Region and the 10 year Management Plan. Initially the Great Rivers chapter will be assisting with habitat restoration efforts at August G. Beckemeier Conservation Area.

More information at Missouri Department of Conservation


2013-12-16 Planning Session with Erin Shank (MDC)

First Work Day - May 2, 2014