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St. Louis County Parks

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Audubon Center at Riverlands

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Missouri Stream Team

Missouri Stream Team is a working partnership of citizens who are concerned about Missouri Streams. The Stream Team Program provides an opportunity for all citizens to get involved in river conservation. Attendees of the first Rivers and Streams Conference in 1988 set the following Stream Team goals:

1. Education:  Learning all you can about Missouri's 110,000 miles of flowing water is as easy as it is fun. Stream Team provides training and information to better understand our stream systems and the problems and opportunities they face.

2. Stewardship: "Hands-on" projects such as litter control, streambank stabilization, streamside tree planting, water quality monitoring, and storm drain stenciling, are all possibilities. Stream Team can help you plan a project or match you with an agency or organization effort.

3. Advocacy:  Speaking on behalf of your adopted stream when development or harmful activities tamper with them is not as difficult as you might think. Those who have gained firsthand knowledge of problems, solutions, and needs are best equipped to speak out on behalf of Missouri's stream resources. You want to write a letter, attend a meeting, or find another way to get involved.

Missouri Stream Team

Chapter Contact: Cori Westcott


Shaw Nature Reserve

Missouri Botanical Garden owns four square miles of restored Missouri natural communities such as glades, prairies, woodlands, wetlands and bottomland forest.  Its mission is " inspire stewardship of our environment through education, restoration and protection of natural habitats, and public enjoyment of the natural world."

Many Great Rivers Chapter members volunteer there regularly killing invasive non-native plants, collecting, processing and sowing seed, planting and teaching. It's a beautiful place to work and learn.

River des Peres Watershed Coaliltion

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